Why medical tape matters

Discover the surprising role tapes play in patient outcomes and experiences.

  • Build trust with patients

    It isn’t uncommon to hear the story of the pediatric cancer patient who tells their parents they’d rather be poked with a needle than have tape removed from their skin to access a port. Patient experiences like this are all too common and chip away at the foundation of patient trust – faith in their clinician’s ability to diligently care for them without causing harm. A patient's experience is important when it comes to tape.

    Create better patient outcomes

    Protecting patients from negative tape-related outcomes requires a comprehensive framework, which should include proper adhesive selection and safe adhesive securement to the skin.

    Select the right tape for the job

    The science of skin management and sticking-to-skin is multifaceted and needs to be considered when selecting tape. Keeping in mind intended use, wear time and ambient conditions present on site are critical factors when selecting a tape.


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