Today, protecting against risk in the operating room and beyond is a priority.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is an unprecedented health care event with consequences that ripple across the continuum of care. This ripple effect can cause further disruption and directly impact access to care, quality of care, and cost of care.

  • Prevena Theraphy Product

    Postoperative complications can increase the need for “high-touch care.”

    Postoperative complications are a challenge to hospitals needing to free up capacity in hospital and intensive care unit (ICU) beds.1 High-touch care can also result in a greater number of person-to-person exposures.

    The power of PREVENA™ Therapy: Protecting beyond the OR to help stop the postoperative ripple effect.

    By helping to protect incisions from postoperative complications, PREVENA™ Therapy works to help stop the ripple effect before it begins, protecting patients, surgeons, staff, practices, and hospitals from potential consequences through lowtouch care that strives to:

    1. Enable rapid discharge with portable design
    2. Help reduce postoperative surgical site complications*
    3. Help minimize patient exposure to the health care facility

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    To learn more, download one of these PREVENA™ Therapy Specialty brochures:
    Orthopedic Brochure
    Plastic Surgery Brochure
    CT/Vascular Brochure

Stop the Ripple Effect

Now, more than ever, protecting patients, clinicians, practices, and hospitals is of great importance. To request a complimentary PREVENA™ Therapy product evaluation, fill out the form below:

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