Reduce ECG Monitoring Alarms and Improve Trace Quality with Proper Skin Preparation

  • Alarm fatigue is becoming widely recognized as a work environment issue as well as a patient safety issue. The ECRI Institute recently stated, "Missed Alarms Can Have Fatal Consequences" and Alarm Hazards have been in their top 10 health technology hazards every year since 20081. The 3M white paper, Proper Skin Preparation Improves Trace Quality and Reduces ECG Monitoring Alarms, written by our technical expert Jeff Wiser, utilizes research and provides extensive analysis of:

    • Skin impedance
    • Skin abrasion
    • Trace quality
    • Clinical alarm reduction

    1 Executive Brief. Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2016.” Adapted from: Health Devices 2015 November. ECRI Institute.

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