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3M™ Prevena™ Therapy

Clinical evidence supports Prevena Therapy to improve patient outcomes in plastic surgery.

  • 3M™ Prevena Restor™ Bella Form™ Incision Management System

    Surgical Site Infection (SSI) in plastic surgery can give a suboptimal aesthetic outcome, but it can also impair psychosocial well-being, delay adjuvant therapies or hospital discharge.¹

    Prevena Therapy manages and helps protect surgical incisions by reducing oedema, removing fluids and infection materials, and decreasing lateral tension².

    In a comparative study, Prevena Therapy was demonstrated to reduce the incidence of SSIs and seromas versus conventional wound dressings. ³

    In addition, 3M™ Prevena Restor™ Therapy is indicated to manage both the incision and surrounding soft tissue. With an expanded coverage area to minimise swelling, and up to 14 days of negative pressure therapy, Prevena Restor Therapy can help reduce the need for frequent dressing changes, enabling you to discharge with confidence.

    Specific indications, limitations, contraindications, warnings, precautions and safety information exist for these products and therapies. Please consult a clinician and product instructions for use prior to application.


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