All your goals are now in alignment.

The entire 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners system was designed with you and your patients in mind. Our complete portfolio helps create healthy, beautiful smiles that meet your demands. See how our system can bring your goals into alignment.

  • Seamless digital planning.

    With the 3M™ Oral Care Portal, you get exclusive access to a web-based software platform that helps form, manage and control treatment plans.

  • Excellent aesthetics.

    Clarity Aligners are nearly invisible, helping you keep your patients satisfied with the aesthetics they’re looking for.

  • Responsive adjustments.

    Our Progress Scan analysis helps determine the need for refinement and change in the treatment plan and helps promote patient compliance.

  • Simple application, easy use.

    Access the HIPAA compliant 3M Oral Care portal at any time and from anywhere to easily refine and update treatment plans.

  • More choice, more flexibility.

    Because our portal is an open platform, you can develop treatment plans using scans from any market-leading intraoral scanner.

  • Partners in care.

    Our team is committed to providing excellent service every step of the way to support your clinical and professional success.

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Grow your practice your way.

Clarity Aligners meet your demands—and the demands of your patients. From a seamless digital workflow to adding to your treatment options, you can explore how they fit into your practice.

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