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    See highlights of the 2021 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice.

    The Infusion Nurses Society (INS) is the global authority in infusion therapy, setting stringent standards for practice. Every five years, INS releases updated, peer-reviewed standards that reflect the latest evidence to define and develop best practices for all clinical settings.

    The 230-page 2021 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice1 contains more than 2,500 cited references and had 120 reviewers representing 30 countries. From this comprehensive document, we’ve selected a few guidelines that we believe can help you deliver better patient outcomes.

    Find overviews of new and expanded recommendations for:

    • Antimicrobial dressings
    • Needleless connector disinfection
    • Vascular access device (VAD) site securement
    • Catheter-associated skin injury
    Download the eBook now for a quick look at these topics.

    1 Gorski, L. A., Hadaway, L., Hagle, M.E., Broadhurst, D., Clare, S., Kleidon, T., Meyer, B.M., Nickel, B., Rowley, S., Sharpe, E., Alexander, M. (2021). Journal of Infusion Nursing, 44(suppl 1):S1-S224. doi:10.1097/NAN.0000000000000396. Refer to the document to view verbatim, comprehensive standards and practice recommendations.

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