• The Importance of Filter Change Paper.

    Do you know that the filters do not last forever? Am I still protected from workplace hazards? Do you know that a gas/vapour cartridge must be disposed of within 6 months of opening, no matter how much it has been used? How can I learn more on when to change cartridge/filter and setting up a filter change schedule?

    The Importance of Filter Change Paper will provide you a guide to those questions.

    You can find out more on:

    1. Why and When to replace 3M filters.
    2. How do particle filters work.
    3. How a gas and organic vapour respirator cartridge works.
    4. Guide to identify and assess hazards.
    5. Hazard identification and protection recommendations and filters selection guide.
    6. Frequently asked questions.
    7. Select the right respirator and cartridge/filter.
    8. The importance of monitoring - 3M™ Gas Diffusion Monitors.
    9. Science of Safety Podcast.
    10. 3M™ Service and Life Software and Setting Up a Filter Change Schedule.

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