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    • NF validation by AFNOR certification*
    • Self contained anearobic environment enabled by oxygen scavenging technology and oxygen barrier films. No gas packs, chambers or CO2 incubators required
    • Results in 48 hours of incubation time
    • Ready-to-use plates eliminates the need for labour intensive media preperation, special diluents and sample ph adjustment
    • All-in-one method for differentiation of gas producing colonies without Durham tubes or extra steps

    Every day, food processors, retailers and consumers are forced to throw out food spoiled with lactic acid bacteria.  These normally useful bacteria can cause undesirable changes to ready-to-eat meats and seafood, dressings and sauces, vegetables and many other processed foods.  This not only contributes to food waste and costly recalls, but can also damage your brand reputation.

    3M science brings you a better way to test for lactic acid bacteria in your food products, raw materials and production environment without the hassle of traditional agar methods - 3MTM PetrifilmTM Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plates.  These ready-to-use plates simplify the testing process and give accurate results in less time, helping you reduce waste, minimise recalls and protect your reputation in the marketplace.

    Anaerobic made easy

    Now you can get true anaerobic results using standard aerobic incubation conditions.  The self contained anaerobic environment in the plate enhances the recovery of lactic acid bacteria, providing fast, accurate results for effective control of product quality and shelf life.

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