How well does your curing light perform?

How well does your curing light perform?

How well does your curing light perform?

Your Lights. Your Materials. Your Curing Times.

checkMARC™ from BlueLight Analytics is the only professional spectrometer-based service (NIST standard) that provides evidence-based information to determine the curing time needed based on the curing lights and materials used in your clinic.

  • Fast Facts About Curing

    • Half of all dental income1 relies on the successful use of light-cured dental materials.
    • Every brand and shade of resin composite requires a specific ‘dose’ of blue light to polyerise.
    • Incomplete polymerisation leads to increasing clinical problems2,3 (e.g., fracture, secondary decay, de-bonding, discolouration) and post-op sensitivity.
    • The heat produced from high-powered curing lights can quickly harm soft tissues and tooth pulp2,3

  • Light Curing Improvement Opportunities

    A study4 of 915 curing lights in 422 dental clinics found that 73% of test results identify the need for changes to clinical protocol:

    • 30% delivered less than half of the energy dose required by the selected dental material.
    • 43% used extended curing times (to ensure an adequate cure), unknowingly risking heat damage.
    • Curing times ranged from 3 - 90 seconds, regardless of the material selected by the dentist

    These dentists needed to modify their light-curing protocols, even between operatiories, to reduce recall rates. Some needed at least

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about checkMARC we have a brochure and a special report on curing from the Australasian Dental Practice magazine, available from these links.

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