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How to communicate safely in noisy environments and retain situational awareness


Working in noisy environments is dangerous. That’s no secret.

With the clear risk of hearing damage an ever-present in such workplaces, ‘Noise Induced Hearing Loss’ (NIHL) is a rapidly-growing area for litigation and insurance claims. But the effects to the individual can be profound and life-changing.

This webinar includes an overview of the importance of hearing conservation, and an introduction to a range of solutions that can aid compliance, communication, situational awareness and productivity.

Date: 24th January 2018
Time: 10.00am - 11.00am GMT

  • Speaker Biography
    Mohammed Saleem

    Mohammed holds a MSc degree in Industrial Hygiene from Newcastle University and has with 3M for over 27 years. He has extensive knowledge in the world of personal protective equipment, particularly in the field of hearing protection, where he is recognised as a subject matter expert. Mohammed also brings a wealth of experience from his active involvement in the European and International Standards development activitied. He is currently Leader of the UK Delegation of CEN/TC159 Hearing Protection Technical Committee and Convenor of the ISO/TC94/SC6/WG6 Eye and Face Protection Technical Committee.

    Magnus Johannson

    Magnus holds a MSc in applied physics and electrical engineering as well as a PhD in technical audiology from Linköping university. Magnus joined Peltor (AEARO Technologies) in 2003, which later was acquired by 3M in 2008. Besides working as acoustics and audiology expert within the 3M R&D organization, Magnus also lead the New Technology group in Värnamo in Sweden with focus on technologies for future hearing protection and communication devices. He is also actively involved in standardization within CEN and ISO, convening CEN TC159/WG2 and acting as expert in CEN TC159 and ISO TC43/SC1/WG17.

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