When is a drape not just a drape?

Now available across all post acute care settings, including home orders!

When it’s a strong, effective, easy, comfortable, and optimal drape for use with
3M™ V.A.C.® Therapy — 3M™ Dermatac™ Drape.

The first-ever silicone acrylic hybrid drape for use with post acute V.A.C.® Therapy patients.

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    Combining the clinical benefits of V.A.C.® Therapy with the ease of application and comfort of Dermatac Drape. The drape that provides the ideal balance for wound healing support1,2 is now available for use with V.A.C.® Therapy, including home orders.

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    Apply with Ease

    Acrylic ensures a strong and effective seal while silicone allows the drape to be repositioned upon initial placement.1,2

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    Seal in the Heal

    Dermatac Drape acts as a barrier to external contaminants and provides peri-wound protection.1,3,4

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    Remove with Kindness

    The silicone component in Dermatac Drape allows for skin-friendly removal, supports wound healing and improves patient comfort.1,3,5

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    Clinician Preferred

    86.7% (52/60) clinicians applying V.A.C.® Therapy preferred Dermatac Drape as compared to standard acrylic drape.6

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    Feeling is believing with Dermatac Drape.

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    NOTE: Specific indications contraindications, warnings, precautions and safety information exist for these products and therapies. Please consult a clinician and product instructions for use prior to application. Rx only.

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