The strength you need. The esthetics you desire.
The speed you – and your patients – demand.

Say sayonara to having to choose between strength or esthetics when it comes to Zirconia restorations. 3M now offers well-balanced efficiency for chairside crowns and bridges.

New 3M™ Chairside Zirconia enables you to provide both the high-strength AND beautiful esthetics you and your patients desire – in less time. The new material’s optimal blend of high-strength and esthetics is optimized for fast firing in the CEREC® SpeedFire Furnace1.

And, for easy shade matching, our Chairside Zirconia is available in eight different shades and two block sizes for crowns and three-unit bridges4 – designed to match the VITA® classical shades.

“The esthetics and better sintering time of 3M™ Chairside Zirconia have made this my go-to zirconia material. It polishes very easily and has a good level of translucency. I see no need to glaze this material. ~Daniel Buttermann, DDS

This May, get ready to meet this new addition to the 3M Oral Care family. We’re so excited to make the official introduction!

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    3M Chairside Zirconia has a fast sintering time of approximately 20 minutes for a thin-walled crown2,3, thanks to the CEREC SpeedFire furnace. Compatible with CEREC 4.6.0 software for the SpeedFire furnace.

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1 3M provides sintering parameters for ovens capable of sintering zirconia in less than 2 hours. Please review the 3M Chairside Zirconia Instructions for Use for sintering details.
2 CEREC® SpeedFire furnace, restorations with particular designs (parameter integrated in CEREC® software; wall thickness 1.2 mm or less)
3 19.6 min for small, thin walled crowns; 22.4 min for all other crowns
4 With one pontic supported on each side by a crown

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