3M COVID-19 anti-fraud or anti-counterfeit Reports

  • If you have a complaints or reports related to product fraud or counterfeiting. Please fill in the following form.

    In 3M we are committed to help fight fraudulent activities that may be taking place due to the COVID-19 related circumstances we are currently experiencing.

  • COVID-19 Frauds

    • Please, include as much information as possible; the spaces marked with an asterisk must be filled in. After submitting the report you will receive an email notification stating that 3M has received your report. Please respond to that email and attach any copies of invoices, contracts, pictures of the product and any other documentation which may be relevant for our investigation.

    • Information about the petitioner

    • Describe the case you are willing to report

    • Information about the alleged supplier/seller

      Please include as much information as possible.

    • Detail about the suspicious products

    • Include as much detail as possible about the interaction, including how you contacted the seller and what information did the seller give you about the product.

    • The information provided about yourself, or any other aspect of the 3M operation, may result in actions or decisions which can affect others; please share only information which you are certain is correct.

      3M respects your right to privacy, 3M will collect, use and reveal the personal information you provide according to its privacy policy. Besides the disclosure to third parties included in our Privacy Policy, it is possible that 3M shares all the personal information provided in this format with third parties, included but not limited to certain agencies or government authorities, regulators or courts: (i) in order to comply with a law, regulation, court order or other legal process; (ii) to comply with our legitimate interest to detect, prevent, investigate and attack frauds, intellectual property transgression, contract or law violations, or other unlawful use of 3M products or services; (iii) protect 3M´s rights or property, or the health, safety, wellbeing and rights of others, (iv) combat fraud and counterfeiting under similar circumstances in relation to the Covid 19 situation. If 3M decides to share personal information with government regulation agencies or authorities or courts, 3M will not have control over this personal information.

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