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Introducing one integrated workflow to customize your patients’ treatment, combining the original 3M™ Clarity™ Force material - and the new 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners Flex material.

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  • *FOR ORTHODONTIC USE ONLY. At this time 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners Flex + Force are available to the orthodontic market only and additional markets are to be determined.

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Advanced Tx Design from start to finish.

These two unique materials work in one integrated workflow to customize your patients’ treatment.

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    The original material: 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners Force

    • Rigid and time-tested material
    • Recommended for: expansion, torque, sequential bodily movement, and segmental intrusion, when used in two-material Tx Designs.
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    The new material: 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners Flex

    • Flexible 5-layer material
    • Recommended for: rotation and proclination, when used in two-material Tx Designs.

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