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    From dexoygenation to clarification, our diverse portfolio of filtration solutions help you to create crystal clear brews that look as good as they taste. Enjoy consistency, cost savings and the highest standards of sterilisation and cleanliness.

    With our expert knowledge of filtration products and applications, we're able to provide a complete overall solution for your current and future filtration needs, including beer microfiltration, hygiene monitoring, and integrated systems.

    Consistency is key

    3M systems provide filtration down to 0.45 microns, with unique solutions designed to comply with the latest food contact regulations. Our advanced pleat technology means fewer filter cartridges are used, leading to greater cost efficiency throughout the brewing process. We'll raise a glass to that!

    Growth Support

    3M has a proud history of innovation, operating globally in hundreds of markets around the world. As well as being known for groundbreaking technology, we support companies just starting out through to market leaders, so you can be sure that we deliver on our promises, and will continue to match your requirements as you grow as a business.

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