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Wherever the job takes you, we have your solution.

Building and maintaining electrical systems is a critical component of your job. With our technical support, custom kits, and various training options, we help our customers save money, keep their projects on schedule, and get the job done.

  • Industrial Solutions

    When you work in industrial construction in the maintenance, repair and operations field, you face challenges every day and it's important that your jobs are done quickly and reliably. We can help solve them with solutions from 3M with customized product kits, technical support, and training.

    Renewable Solutions

    Well-functioning and reliable electrical installations are crucial for the efficient use of renewable energy sources. However, working in this industry, you face challenges every day. 3M Solutions can help you meet most of your electrical installation challenges, whether working on a solar, wind, or a battery storage project, it can be done easier, faster, and more reliably with 3M.

    Data Centers Solutions

    Data centers rely on power for just about everything. Without power there is no data center. It's important to ensure operations run smoothly without interruption 24/7. 3M is there to help ensure your data center has a steady supply of uninterrupted power at all times.

  • Streamline your operations

    Get high-quality support from start to finish, at no additional cost including:

    • Pre-Assembled Kits
    • Jobsite Location Labels
    • Direct-to-Site Shipping
    • On-site Installation Support and Training

    Free Online Electrical Education

    Sharpen your skills and increase your proficiency on electrical applications, 3M Electrical Products, general electrical knowledge, cable theory, and more.

    Locating and Marking Solutions

    Underground utilities may be hidden, but it’s still important to know exactly where they are. 3M™ Locators and Markers provide a complete system for locating, marking and mapping vital underground assets. Identify underground assets quickly and accurately with the 3M Asset Marking System.

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