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    Restoring Corrosion Protection in the Age of Post-Repair Inspections Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    Nearly all automotive OEMs require cavity wax after repair, including in commonly overlooked areas such as narrow channels and hidden welded flanges. In this session we'll look at the top methods of corrosion protection - and discuss how they're critical for protecting your customers’ investment, your shop, and your reputation.
    Structural Adhesives for Modern Collision Repair Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    Working with structural adhesives is an increasingly important part of collision repair. In this session we'll look at both traditional panel bonding adhesives and the more-specialized impact-resistant varieties - talk about the differences, best practices, and share a few tips.
    Rivet Removal, Cutting and Grinding, and Corrosion Protection Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    This webcast will focus on rivet removal; cutting and grinding operations; and how to use a variety of tools and 3M abrasives to improve productivity. The Corrosion Protection segment will look at common causes of corrosion, repair products, and procedures to help protect against post-repair corrosion.
    The role of Seam Sealers and Foams in the Heavy-Duty Truck repair process Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    This webcast will focus on the proper selection of products, repair procedures, and the important function of seam sealers and foams. We'll also discuss how seam sealers and foams have an impact on the future performance of a repaired vehicle.
    Composite Body Panel Repair for SMC, METTON®, and FRP Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    Repairing SMC, METTON®, and FRP body panels will be the focus of this session. We'll cover these body panel substrates, repair processes, and products -- as well as common mistakes made when repairing these materials.
    Panel Replacement and How to utilize the 3M CRiMP Material Planning tool to improve Net Profit Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    In this webcast we'll discuss the methods, products, and tools needed when replacing the panel on a Class 8 truck. We'll also demonstrate how using the 3M Collision Repair Materials Planner could improve your shop's profitability by capturing material costs and labor time that isn't always caught.
    Feather, Prime and Block Explained Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    What’s the best way to feather, prime and block? In this session, you’ll learn how proper featheredging can reduce primer consumption to ultimately avoid repair mapping. We’ll also cover the importance of primer atomization and application, how to reduce pinholes, and tips when using dry guide coat – all key topics when it comes to producing a high-quality repair.
    Benefits of Dust Extraction during Paint Preparation Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    Less dust means less wasted time. Learn how the Total Automotive Sanding System can help minimize dust to improve conditions in both the shop and in the booth when it’s time to paint. We will also discuss how our 3M abrasive offering with the use of dust extraction can help lead to efficiency in the shop, improving overall cycle time. Dust extraction could be a solution to improve your paint prep process.
    Repair Mapping Causes and Prevention Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    What is repair mapping and how can you avoid it? We’ll be discussing how to understand and refine OEM paint layers, as well as, some common misconceptions we’ve seen in the industry. Get back to the basics on the various types of fillers and glazes, the very products that can help you deliver a quality repair when coupled with the proper techniques.
    Art and Science of Masking Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    Join us for a refresher on our masking portfolio and a discussion about some of the nuances when using our various products. Our products are designed to help you increase productivity and achieve the best paint job possible but with a wide range of options, it can be difficult at times to know the best tape for the job. We’re here to share a bit of science behind our masking technology and some helpful tips and tricks for application.
    Proper Paint Booth Setup and Maximizing Throughput Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    Effective cycle times and quality repairs should be at the top of the priority list for collision shops. Setting the correct booth temperature, measuring airflow and proper booth loading are just a few of the best practices we’ll share in this session. We’ll also talk through ways to minimize dry times including proper paint application, booth setup and using accelerated curing systems.
    The Value of Using Disposable Paint Cups Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    If your shop is still using permanent metal or plastic paint cups - please join as we discuss how to 'Take the Pain out of Painting.' In this session, we'll look at the value of using disposable paint cups - how they save time, materials, and can help deliver a better paint job. We'll also take your questions live.
    Fantastic Finishes: Where and When to Use SOPs Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    Geared for every paint finishing technician, this is a focused review of Large-Area and Small-Area repair procedures. We'll explore the differences between hand sanding and DA sanding. You'll learn the technical differences between refinement with micro finishing abrasives (like 3M™ Trizact™) and compounding with wool pads. We’ll also cover some common paint points and answer your questions live.
    Advanced Micro Finishing Abrasives: What You May Not Know Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    Sure, you've used these discs for years, but what is this technology? Why is it unmatched in the industry? Join us to learn about the science and history of advanced micro finishing abrasives. We'll explain the advantages they bring to body shops. We’ll also review best practices and answer your questions live.
    Focus on Finishing: Expert Tips for Improved Job Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    There are a lot of factors that can affect paint finishing and not every paint job is the same. In this session we will discuss macro trends that are impacting collision repair and the paint finishing department, the evolution of paint and coatings, common defects and how to solve them, as well as tips and tricks to help you achieve that perfect finish. After the session we hope you will have the tools to tackle any paint job and be able to truly focus on finishing.
    No More Compounding: Introducing Trizact™ 8000 and the 1-Step Paint Finishing System Register to Watch Recording On-Demand
    What if you could achieve an even better finish without rubbing compound? During this session we will introduce you to 3M’s latest innovation in paint finishing, the 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Paint Finishing System. Featuring Trizact™ 8000, an incredibly fine grade abrasive never before seen in paint finishing. Achieve a deeper, glossier finish with fewer steps, less mess and no compound swirls – giving you flawless results with optimal business efficiency.

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