3M™ True Definition Scanner and Trusted Connection to Straumann® CARES® Prosthetic Solutions

3M™ True Definition Scanner and Trusted Connection to Straumann® CARES® Prosthetic Solutions

Straumann® CARES® Prosthetic Solutions

With the 3M™ True Definition Scanner and Trusted Connection to Straumann® CARES® Prosthetic Solutions, you can take advantage of an all-digital process for high-quality implant-borne and tooth-borne restorations.

  • Efficient, automated digital implant workflow
  • Highly accurate scans provide precisely fitting Straumann® CARES® customized abutments and restorations
  • Fewer steps and faster turnaround times than traditional implant-borne and tooth-borne workflows.
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Access to this Trusted Connection requires a subscription to the Advanced Data Plan. Download the Frequently Asked Questions document (PDF, 2.5MB) to learn more about Data Plans and other Open and Trusted Connections.

How does it work?

  • Step 1 Scan and Send

    Capture the Straumann® CARES® Mono Scanbody with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner. Select the Straumann® implant type, abutment and restoration material. Once the prescription is complete, send the digital impression to a Straumann® CARES® lab through the Trusted Connection to Straumann® CARES® Prosthetic Solutions.

  • Step 2 Design and Order

    With the Straumann® CARES® Visual Software, dental labs use the digital impression to design and order Straumann® prosthetics for implant-borne or tooth-borne restorations. For implant cases, Straumann® CARES® X-STREAM™ provides a seamless process for designing the abutment and final restoration in a single design. The model builder module allows the lab to design and order a printed SLA model with a socket for the corresponding Straumann® Repositionable Implant Analog.

  • Step 3 Centralized Milling

    The restoration design is then sent to Straumann's central milling facility. The facility features 4.2 and 6.7 ton milling machines to eliminate nearly all vibration. The four and five simultaneously operating axes create sharp margins and smooth surfaces. The facility was specifically designed to achieve the highest possible precision in the manufacture of dental restorations.

  • Step 4 Restoration Options

    Straumann employs high-speed cutting (HSC) milling technology to manufacture high-quality restorations in the validated workflow. Straumann offers a comprehensive range of materials allowing you to choose the appropriate restoration for every case.

  • Step 5 Model Design

    The Straumann® CARES® lab can order a high precision working model from Innovation Meditech, a Dreve company. The model features a specially designed socket for the Straumann® Repositionable Implant Analog. The printed model is delivered directly to your lab for final finishing of the restoration.

  • Step 6 Final Delivery

    Using the Straumann® CARES® network, the individual components come together at your Straumann® CARES® lab for final production and finishing. The lab then delivers the final restoration in a single shipment to the doctor.

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