Sterility Assurance for Every Sterilization Load

  • 3M Infection Prevention Scientific Affairs and Education Manager Andres Scherson discusses how proper practices in the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) can help reduce the risk of surgical site infections and the costs associated with them.

    This in depth whitepaper, Reducing healthcare costs of surgical site infections through proper practices in the CSSD: A literature review, reviews the important role CSSDs have in a hospital and how vital sterilization monitoring is for each patient and every load. Download an electronic copy to read about:

    • Surgical site infections (SSI): impacts and costs
    • Links between SSIs and Instrument sterilization
    • The CSSD's vital role in reducing SSIs
    • Types of sterilization failures
    • Biological indicators for monitoring sterilization
    • Every-load monitoring with BIs
    • Keeping thorough records
    • Collaboration between the CSSD and surgical department
    • And, how patients are depending on sterile processing personnel

    Discover every load monitoring resources and on-demand continuing education resources

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