3M Canada Safety Roadshow

A Mobile Training & Education Center

The 3M Safety Roadshow is a 48-foot, fully equipped, mobile training centre that showcases 3M’s industrial safety expertise and personal protective equipment (PPE). The Safety Roadshow appears each year at select sites throughout Canada to provide in-person safety training, education and demonstrations. Supported by 3M’s highly credentialed application development professionals and event team, the Safety Roadshow will partner with industrial facilities across Canada to drive safety and education. The Safety Roadshow trailer offers scheduled, on-site customer events that can seat approximately 25 individuals at a time inside the mobile classroom. A menu of 60-minute seminars and 30-minute demonstrations on a variety of topics are available.

Bringing the Roadshow to You

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  • Introducing the 3M Safety Roadshow

    We bring 3M's safety expertise to site to educate workers on the front line.

  • Live Demonstrations

    Learn hands-on with live demonstrations including Fall Protection, Welding, Grinding, Hearing, Eyewear Fitting and more.

Mobile Safety Training

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  • Course Outline

Seminars Offered

  • Gravity Hurts: Fall Protection Essentials

    Working at heights is dangerous. Workers understand this, yet fall protection violations remain the most cited occupational health and safety violations throughout Canada. This session discusses the following topics:

    • Understanding fall protection hazards
    • ABCs of fall protection
    • Lifeline systems, rescue at height and confined space

  • Fall Protection for Tools: Dropped Object Prevention

    Fall protection for tools is not a new concern; it has been an important topic in the industry for some time. However, year after year, dropped objects continue to be one of the largest causes of injury -- and death -- in the workplace. Does your organization have a plan to protect your workforce from falling objects? This session discusses the following topics:

    • How to minimize the risk of dropped objects on your worksite
    • Dropped object prevention planning
    • Understanding the impact forces of dropped objects
    • What types of tools and assets can be tethered to reduce dropped object incidents

  • Fall Protection: Escape and Rescue Made Easy

    While needing to implement an escape and rescue plan is rare, having an escape and rescue plan for your site in an imperative part of your fall protection plans. This session discusses the following topics:

    • How to keep escape and rescue simple and automatic
    • Defining confined space rescue and understanding the associated regulations
    • Preparation and practice

  • Eye Injuries: You Rarely See Them Coming

    Are your workers at risk of an eye injury? The good news is, up to 90% of eye injuries are preventable. This session discusses the following topics:

    • Overview of common eye hazards
    • Types and styles of eyewear available
    • Proper use and fit of eye protection for your job function
    • Understanding the regulations for eye injury prevention

  • Introduction to Respiratory Protection

    Respiratory hazards are everywhere on worksites. In many cases, particulate and gas are difficult to detect, however protection is still required. It is imperative that workers understand when respiratory protection is required and how to properly wear a respirator. This session discusses the following topics:

    • Overview of respiratory hazards
    • Elements of a written respiratory protection program
    • Basic factors in choosing a respirator
    • Overview of the regulations for respiratory protection approval and use
    • Care and storage of respirators

  • Beyond Cutting and Crushing: Keeping you Safe from Silica

    Every time you or your workers set foot on a new construction or renovation site, you take stock of the different risks and dangers to avoid, but what about the dangers you can’t see? For many, minuscule particles of airborne Crystalline Silica pose a serious risk. This session discusses the following topics:

    • What is silica?
    • The health effects associated with silica exposure
    • How to implement controls that minimize worker exposure to silica
    • Regulations related to silica

  • Listen Up: Noise Induced Hearing Loss is Preventable

    What is your favourite sound? Chances are, it is not tinnitus —an annoying ringing or buzzing sound is commonly caused by damage to the ears due to overexposure to loud sounds. With the proper precautions, noise induced hearing loss is 100% preventable. This session discusses the following topics:

    • The health effects associated with loud noises
    • Selection methods for hearing protection devices (HPDs)
    • Proper fit, care and use of HPDs
    • Overview of CSA & other regulatory requirements related to hearing protection
    • Reducing noise at the source to prevent noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)

  • The 5 Myths of Reflectivity

    Many myths about visibility still exist. Test your knowledge of visibility and reflectivity with one of our Scotchlite™ technical specialists. This session discusses the following topics:

    • Why is enhanced visibility important?
    • Technology behind 3M reflective material
    • Garment design and effectiveness
    • Understanding the regulations for reflectivity
    • Debunking the 5 Myths

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