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Update your knowledge and get all the latest facts, practical tips and more from 3M’s industry leading expert speakers. Each webinar will last 45 minutes with a further 15 minutes for a Q&A.

If none of the upcoming webinars are relevant to you, then why not take a look through our catalogue of past webinars? They’re free to watch and cover a wide range of personal protection and workplace safety issues, providing guidance and instruction that can help workers.

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  • 15.11.2021 - 10:00am - 11:00am

    Spray painting and Powder coating - know your hazards

    In this webinar, we’ll explore the hazards of painting and coating, the importance of comfort and ease of use of your PPE.We will also demonstrate how innovation is addressing some of the most common issues related to the hazards.

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  • 17.11.2021 - 10:00am-11:00am

    Health and Safety Leadership – Behavioural Safety

    A successful PPE programme relies on the commitment of both management and workers. Learn the different elements that make up an organisation’s safety culture and how effective leadership can achieve health and safety improvements.

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Past webinars 2021

  • Care, cleaning, checks & maintenance for 3M Respiratory and Welding Products

    This webinar will explain the key features of 3M’s Respiratory and Welding Products including facepieces, headtops, welding and powered air respirators, providing practical tips for conducting checks, care, cleaning and how effective maintenance is key to maintaining protection.

  • Welding: Understanding the hazards and new generation of personal protective equipment

    In this webinar, we’ll explore the hazards from welding and grinding, the importance of comfort and ease of use, and how innovation is meeting user demands to address some of the common issues surrounding hazards for welders.

  • How to build an effective Fall Protection Plan

    Working safely at height requires careful planning and must take account of many different considerations. This webinar will explain how to safely organise and manage working at height from planning to implementation.

  • Exposure control of hazardous materials in pharmaceutical manufacturing

    Join our free educational session on exposure control of hazardous materials in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • Hearing protection and fit validation selection

    Choosing the right hearing protection can be difficult. This webinar will explain how to select the correct hearing protector, the different sound level measurements you need to understand and how to conduct fit validation to help ensure the wearer is adequately protected.

  • How to implement a respiratory protection programme that really works

    Respiratory hazards can have a huge effect on the health of workers. This webinar will cover the selection and use of suitable Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), the hierarchy on control and the key issues and barriers that need to be addressed when implementing an RPE programme.

  • Protecting your hearing and maintaining situational awareness & communication in Construction

    Now more than ever, in a construction environment it is important to not only protect yourself against the harmful effects of noise but also maintain situational awareness and essential communication at a distance. This webinar explains the choices available for doing this and the benefits of different types of hearing protection.

  • Respiratory fit testing – get your respiratory protection programme fit for purpose

    A reliable fit testing programme is essential for all workers who wear respiratory protection on a regular basis. This webinar will explain what fit testing is, how it should be performed and how it will help with implementing an effective RPE programme.

  • Integrated PPE Solutions in Foundries

    Primary Metals and Foundries contain a wide range of health and safety hazards combined with evolving regulations and exposure limits.
    In this webinar we will cover the risks associated with producing and working with molten metals helping you to choose the appropriate PPE solutions for these complex working environments.

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