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PROMOGRAN™ Protease Modulating Matrix and PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Wound Balancing Matrix

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    PROMOGRAN™ Protease Modulating Matrix and PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Wound Balancing Matrix

    • An advanced, topical treatment for chronic wounds.
    • Clinically proven to improve healing of chronic wounds if used earlier in the treatment regime1.
    • Start using now and give your patients the best chance.

    Chronic wounds can be stalled in the inflammatory phase that may lead to delayed healing2.

    Optimum wound healing environment

    PROMOGRAN™ Matrix and PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix maintain an optimal wound healing environment.

    • Reduces MMPs3*
    • Cell growth4*
    • Reducing protease activity3*
    • Controlling bacterial growth5*
    • Haemostatic properties4*

    Clinically proven healing power in patients

  • 8.5 times more likely to heal wounds6

  • 52% increase in healing rate with early treatment of VLUs1

  • 90% pressure injuries completely healed7

  • 69% Reduction in Hospital Stays7

  • Cost effective treatment8,9

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    *As demonstrated in vitro

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