Postendodontic prosthodontic restorations

Date: 5 May, 2023

Time: 14:00 - 15:00 CET

Good dental diagnostics and prognosis are very important in pre-prosthodontic planning. In daily practice, we often encounter long-term endodontic infections of teeth with periapical processes and extensive loss of the coronal structure of the tooth, which represents a special challenge in planning and forecasting the success of endodontic treatment, and the therapy itself. Modern additive and adhesive dental prosthodontic provide minimally invasive postendodontic solutions. Endodontic therapy is completed only after a high-quality coronary supply to the teeth, which aims to ensure the function and aesthetics of the teeth and prevent reinfection. Prosthodontic planning of the coronary supply of the tooth (analog, digital), the choice of ceramic material and adhesive techniques are important in the final success. During the adhesive cementation process, special attention should be paid to the material from which the restoration is made. Therefore, there are numerous protocols for the preparation of ceramic and composite restorations. In the lecture, one-visit endodontic therapy of complex endodontic cases will be presented along with control x-ray findings and analog/digital prosthetic therapy in case of loss of the extraradicular part of the tooth.

Language:  Croatian

  • About the Speaker

    Associate Professor Andreja Carek, DMD, MSc, PhD, graduated from the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2002. In 2003, she passed the state exam and obtained a license for independent work.

    In 2004, she began to specialize in prosthodontics and 2007 she became a specialist in Dental Prosthetics. After receiving her Master of Science degree in 2005 and PhD in 2009 she became a senior assistant at the Department of Prosthodontics of the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb.

    She received the Dean's award for the best teacher at the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb in 2008. Since 2011, Andreja Carek is Assistant Professor and has been a course instructor in the "Treatment planning and diagnostic approach in Fixed Prosthodontics" further education program at the Zagreb Dental School.

    In 2012, she was appointed head of the postgraduate professional study course "Treatment planning and diagnostic approach in the aesthetic zone" and head of the postgraduate scientific study course “Metals and alloys as biomaterials”.

    2018 she became head of the undergraduate students course "EndoProsthodontics". The same year she was announced as a member of the board for Postgraduate studies and for International cooperation at School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. Since 2020, she is assoc. professor at Dpt. of Fixed Prosthodontics and in 2021, she became head of the undergraduate students course “Fixed Prosthodontics I”.




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