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Advancing Surgical Safety: Perioperative Normothermia. The New Norm.

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    Dr Claude Laflamme MD, FRCPC, MHSc
    Consultant Anaesthetist, Sunnybrook
    Health Science Centre, Toronto, Canada

    Maintaining a normothermic core body temperature before, during, and after surgery is an important step to improving patient outcomes. That’s why temperature management is included in clinical practice guidelines worldwide. However, perioperative hypothermia remains a common, yet preventable, surgical complication.

    In this webinar, consultant anaesthetist and global normothermia expert Dr Claude Laflamme shares his experience of implementing an optimal warming protocol at his facility in Toronto, Canada.

    Key topics include:

    • History of Patient Warming
    • Current Normothermia Guidelines
    • Change Management – what, how and why
    • Benefits of Maintaining Normothermia
    • Data Collection to Show Previous Clinical Practice
    • Implementation of New Warming Protocol and Associated Results
    • Temperature Monitoring systems
    • Importance of Pre-warming
    • Enhanced Recovery
    • Best Practice for Surgical Teams

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