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  • New landscape of health care

    Health care organizations are under increasing pressure to improve quality while balancing reduced payments. Attempts to manage costs by tracking granular processes of care metrics can lead to untenable documentation and reporting burdens that can result in burnout of the health care workforce.

    Add to this COVID-19, and the significant impact it has had on operations and bottom lines. As restrictions are lifted and hospitals begin to start providing non-COVID services, it will be more important than ever to do it while minimizing costs and ensuring the safety of patients and staff. The question is, how?

    A roadmap to enhance care, lower costs and improve quality star ratings

    The 3M Quality Outcomes Performance Assessment Medicare (QOPM) Report provides your facility with insights and the foundation of a roadmap to improve care quality, lower costs and potentially improve your facility’s Medicare Hospital Compare quality star rating. This report will provide a summary of the analysis performed on your facility’s Medicare claims data using 3M’s QOPM.

    The report provides:

    • Analysis of the highest weighted outcomes-based measures driving your Medicare Hospital Compare quality star rating and the low performing areas to focus on to potentially improve your star rating.
    • Detailed view of your facility’s performance on the 3M QOPM and identified areas of performance improvement opportunities that can yield both quality and financial improvements for your organization.
    • Insights and recommended actions from 3M’s performance improvement consulting team based on an in-depth review of your facility’s 3M QOPM performance results.
    • Overview on the selection and development of the 3M QOPM and how it can be used to optimize an organization’s performance to improve both quality patient outcomes and manage financial burdens.

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