Skin-to-skin Wearable Medical Devices

Skin-to-skin Wearable Medical Devices

Skin-to-skin Wearable Medical Devices

3M Medical Materials and Technologies helps health care manufacturers design and build more reliable, innovative and feature-rich medical devices. Customers leverage 3M technical expertise to select materials and technologies that integrate together for their break-through medical industry, device innovations designed for improving or enhancing lives.

To help with this design process, 3M developed a training webinar, a white paper, a brochure and a sample kit. Click the link to get connected to what you need to help advance your next generation wearable medical devices.

  • When developing stick-to-skin patient monitoring devices, medical manufacturers need to consider wear time, adhesion strength and skin condition while selecting materials for specification. 3M experts cover important factors to consider when selecting materials and components for body worn medical devices in this video.

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  • Designers and engineers of high-tech medical devices have to consider the human skin interface during product development - and not just as the last step before market. Careful selection of quality materials during the concept stage can reduce the risk of re-engineering delays late in the development process. 3M expert, Kris Godbey, discusses these matters in this white paper titled, Wearable Sensors: From the "skin-side" out.

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