• Sarah Cruz, CSPDT, CRCST, CHL, CIS

    Join us on March 16 at 1 p.m. CT

    Procedure Relationships: The Importance of IFUs, Guidelines, & Policies
    Sterile Processing departments have a number of processes being performed at any given time. And while the practices seem to come second nature to the professionals, the instructions for use, guidelines, and policies are what guide them. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the relationship between these three vital contributors and how they ultimately shape how we contribute to patient safety outcomes.

    About the Speaker

    Sarah Cruz, CSPDT, CRCST, CHL, CIS®

    Sarah B. Cruz, CSPDT, CRCST, CHL, CIS and a certified CSS Nerd! As a career strategist with her company PRETREAT CSS, she and Sterile Processing professionals work together to create objective driven goals in their professional development so they can onboard into their Sterile Processing carrer mindset. She shares her passion as an industry speaker, published writer, social media enthusiast, mentor and CTSPA Chapter President and HSPA Director. Sarah is a Sterile Processing instructor at her local community college and a CS Quality Education Program Development Coordinator in her full time role. She enjoys creating competencies and quality management systems while implementing standard work through lean processes. Sarah believes that if Sterile Processing is the heart of the hospital then the technicians are the pulse! It is time to bring the industry to the frontline and put the CSS in SUCCESS!

    Webinar Learning Objectives

    • Define: IFU, guideline, and policy.
    • Understand how these three components contribute to procedures.
    • Interpret resources that provide procedural information.
    • Outline key resources that provide insight to processes.

    Webinar will be delivered in English.

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