Let us help you take on cancer

It’s time to approach clinical trials with confidence. We have a device designed to consistently and reproducibly deliver your cancer vaccine to the patient’s dermis. 3M Hollow Microstructured Transdermal System (hMTS) is designed to help your biologic formulation break through skin barriers and potentially achieve your clinical objectives.

Why hMTS for cancer?

When it comes to cancer vaccines, drug delivery matters. In fact, trained professionals encounter difficulties with 25% of intradermal injections. Moreover, intradermal delivery may elicit a stronger immune response. For example, it has been shown to be more effective than the intravenous, intramuscular or intranasal delivery for CD8+ CTL priming and activation of T1 helper cells*.

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    * Hangalapura BN, Oosterhoff D, Gupta T, et al. Delivery route, MyD88 signaling and cross-priming events determine the anti-tumor efficacy of an Adenovirus based melanoma vaccine. Vaccine. 2011;29(12):2313-2321. doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2011.01.022.

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    3M’s Drug Delivery Systems Division (“3M”) is pleased to offer the following representative samples of 3M Hollow Microstructured Transdermal System (hMTS) and published literature (collectively, “the Kit”) to the company on whose behalf this agreement is signed below (the “Recipient”).

    The Kit includes

    • 1 (one) hMTS Demonstrator Unit,
    • 1 (one) encased display of a hollow microneedle array, and
    • Marketing material related to hMTS.
    3M and the Recipient agree that:

    • Supply of the Kit does not obligate 3M to supply additional samples or Kits;
    • The Kit may be used by the Recipient for sales and marketing evaluation purposes only (the “Purpose”);
    • The Kit may not be given or sold to any third party without prior written consent from 3M;
    • Recipient shall not use the Kit or any of the components for either in vitro or in vivo evaluation or testing.
    • Recipient shall not reverse engineer the Kit or any of the components;
    • The Kit is not to be used on human subjects;
    • 3M does not warrant the performance of any hMTS samples provided under this agreement, or the suitability, acceptability, noninfringement, or reliability of those samples. Recipient shall make all its own such determinations;
    • 3M grants no right or license under any intellectual property rights, apart from the limited implied right to use the Kit for the Purpose;
    • Neither party shall have any liability to the other party or its affiliates for any loss of profit or any indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage, or for infringement of any third-party intellectual property rights related to the Kit or its use;
    • Data provided by 3M relating to the performance of the Kit or any of the components of the Kit, or generated by Recipient, shall not to be disclosed to any third party without the prior written consent of 3M; and
    • This agreement contains all the understandings and commitments of the parties related to the Kit and its components, and there are no oral or other written agreements between them.
    • Recipient represents and warrants that it has the right to enter into this agreement and that this agreement will not conflict with any other obligations or commitments.
    • The undersigned represents and warrants that he/she has the authority to sign on behalf of and bind Recipient to the terms of this agreement.
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