Clinicians and patients can benefit from the innovative features of 3M™ V.A.C. Dermatac™ Drape.

Provide wound healing support for your patients receiving 3M™ V.A.C.® Therapy with the dual benefits of adhesive acrylic and forgiving silicone.

3M™ V.A.C. Dermatac™ Drape

V.A.C. Dermatac Drape utilises the precise combination of acrylic and silicone for an ideal balance:

  • Acrylic (inside the circles) helps ensure a tight seal to protect wounds on different anatomical locations
  • Silicone (outside of the circles) allows for repositioning and gentle removal upon initial placement

„The ability to easily reposition V.A.C. Dermatac Drape saves the clinician significant time and reduces the amount of wasted drape“
– Dr. Ralph J. Napolitano, Jr., DPM, CWSP, FACFAS, OrthoNeuro, Columbus, Ohio

3M™ V.A.C. Dermatac™ Drape

Apply with ease

Conforms to different anatomical locations and can be repositioned upon initial placement.

  • Adapts to the body and provides a tight seal - even in uneven areas
  • Detaches without difficulty when stuck to gloves or itself
  • Easy to smooth out wrinkles and reposition during dressing application without loss of adhesion
  • 33% Reduction in dressing application time compared to standard 3M™ V.A.C.® Drape1,2

  • 75% of clinicians (18/24)3 found that with V.A.C. Dermatac Drape there was…

    • LESS drape needed at dressing changes
    • LESS need to window pane
    • NO need for ancillary products to help with seal

Clinicians using 3M V.A.C. Dermatac Drape during a 5-patient case study, noted that the hybrid drape was easy to place and readjust upon initial placement, improving the ease of dressing changes.4

  • Maintains a highly effective seal for wound protection

    In a simulated wound model (n=5), V.A.C. Dermatac Drape with 3M™ V.A.C.® Therapy maintained a seal in 100% (5/5 ) of samples vs. Mölnlycke’s Avance® Film with Safetac® technology which failed to maintain a seal in 80% (4/5) of samples.5

  • Skin-friendly removal supports optimal healing and patient comfort

    The results from a 5-patient case study suggest that the use of 3M™ V.A.C. Dermatac™ Drape may improve the patient experience when using NPWT by helping alleviate pain at drape removal and by helping to mitigate periwound skin irritation.6


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3M™ V.A.C. Dermatac™ Drape

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