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3M helps appliance manufacturers build household appliances that are durable, quiet, energy efficient, stylish and more cost effective. Our advanced bonding solutions are used throughout the industry to reduce dryer noise and vibration, bond glasses in oven doors, stabilize refrigerator coils, bond touch panels and inlay displays, secure HVAC insulation, and more. For assembly, attachment, identification, noise reduction and protection applications, we offer solutions to meet stringent appliance performance requirements.

If you’re a design engineer, a 3M converter partner can help improve the appearance, manufacturing process and performance of your appliances with customized 3M adhesive bonding tape solutions. Our converter partners help take your ideas from concept to production. You can improve your appliance production process with limitless design possibilities and get effective results with the help of a 3M converter.

Innovative Solutions for the Appliance Industry

  • Refrigerator

    Refrigerators have become much more than simply boxes to preserve food. They are the centerpieces of the modern kitchen with optionality to use them as message board or entertainment center. That’s why designers are always looking for new ways to make them even more indispensable to consumers. 3M bonding innovations can help.

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  • Washer / Dryer

    New energy rules and advanced smart features are changing the game in washer design. Quieter operation, larger touch displays and connectivity are just a few of the innovations that designers are building in-with the help of 3M technologies.

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  • Oven

    Despite their history as utilitarian food preparation tools ovens are changing rapidly. From digital touch screen controls to new smart features and connectivity, these kitchen necessities are undergoing a renaissance in design limited only by the imagination of designers.

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  • Dishwasher

    Noisy, oversized and clumsy, dishwashers of the past were always more helpful than beautiful. Now a new generation of demanding consumers are forcing designers to give these homely kitchen workhorses a technological makeover. Enter the quiet, stylish and durable dishwasher, brought to you in part by 3M technologies.

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  • Cooktop

    Induction cooktops are becoming more popular at our homes. There are new colors, shapes and styles of cooktops while incorporating new technology such as wireless connectivity with other appliances.

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  • Kitchen Hood

    There is wide product range of the kitchen hoods with multiple design options to match kitchen interiors on the market. We can see the continuous upgrades of products with additional features and better performance. Sound management and energy efficiency are key areas that designers are focused on.

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Dispensing Automation

  • Bonding Automation Handbook

    Dive into the future of manufacturing efficiency and precision with our comprehensive Bonding Automation Handbook – your ultimate guide to streamlining processes, enhancing product quality, and unlocking the full potential of automated bonding solutions.

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    Introducing the 3M™ On Demand Bonding System featuring 3M™ VHB™ Extrudable Tape, a simple, automated solution that integrates into your assembly line.

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    Watch the video featuring 3M™ VHB™ Extrudable Tape which can improve your manufacturing process efficiency.

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    Visit our Bonding Process Center online.

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