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    The Curos brand offers a full circle of disinfection and protection for intraluminal access points including:

    • Needleless Connectors
    • Male Luers
    • Catheter Hubs
    • Stopcocks
    • Tego® Hemodialysis Connectors

    We want everyone who uses Curos disinfecting port protectors to be successful. We offer the services of a Clinical Outcomes Team that can help hospitals implement the use of Curos disinfecting port protectors to achieve and sustain high compliance. Our team consists of full-time nurses dedicated to supporting your efforts.

    Areas we can assist with:

    • Planning resources and guidance.
    • Sharing proprietary processes and tools that spur adoption and measure your success.
    • Implementation and large trial support.
    • Compliance tools for training, motivating and auditing.
    • On-going consulting and support.
    • Assistance in study creation and results reporting.
    • Point prevalence reviews to help you reduce risk at all access points.
    • Clinical expertise regarding standards, guidelines, and how 3M products can help you achieve successful outcomes.
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