Conquer the cementation equation with ‘Demystifying cementation: Master the vital principles every dentist should know.’

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    Learn the ins and outs of cementation for indirect restorations.

    Cementation plays a critical role in indirect restorative procedures – and your choice of dental cement can have wide-ranging implications. From restoration and tooth conditioning to material selection and cementation mode, there are a multitude of factors that can make or break your procedure.

    So how do you navigate the cementation decision-making process?

    Navigate the variables with confidence.

    Our new white paper breaks down the variables and pinpoints a few key principles to help you simplify the decision-making process, streamline your procedure and achieve lasting results.

    To learn more, fill out the form with your contact information to receive a download of the white paper: ‘Demystifying cementation: Master the vital principles every dentist should know.’ with an added bonus of a printable ‘Overview of Existing Pretreatment and Cementation Workflows.’

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