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We don’t make sensors. We make sensors work better.

  • Auto Sensors

    Our purpose is to transform the future of mobility by enhancing driver perception, enabling vehicle safety and dramatically improving machine vision.
    You’re part of the biggest leap in automotive evolution since the invention of the motor vehicle: the shift from cars driven by people to cars driving themselves.
    Sensors are a vital element in realizing this shift.

    At 3M, we have the technology to help improve sensor performance and accelerate your drive toward the future safely and reliably—from ADAS and Driver Monitoring (DMS) sensor systems to full level 5 automation and beyond.

    Sensor Enhancement

    3M technologies enable seamless integration of sensors into design.

    • Reduce interference
    • Optimize radar
    • Improve signal-to-noise
    • Absorb stray light

    Sensor Protection

    Interior and exterior sensors:

    • Water-shedding films prevent moisture penetration
    • Protect from water, salt, fog, fingerprints
    • Self-healing film protects against dirt, rocks and scratches

    Sensor Targets

    3M technologies allow LiDAR to:

    • “See” black and silver vehicles
    • Enhance the visibility of construction worker on roadside job sites
    • Enable IR sensors to “read and understand” road signs
    • Enhance sensor visibility of lane markings even in rainy or snowy conditions

    Sensors we help improve using a total system approach.

    3M technologies allow LiDAR to:

    • Radar
    • LiDAR
    • Interior DMS
    • Camera vision

    Learn More about our Consumer Electronic Sensors.

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