3M Safety Network Live 2017 - Bracknell

3M Safety Network Live 2017 - Bracknell

3M Safety Network Live 2017 - Bracknell


We’re delighted to bring you an educational day of thought-provoking seminars, workshops and presentations.

See below for the topics that will be covered this year.

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    RUBY WAX - Mental Health in the Workplace

    She's been honoured with the title of poster girl for mental illness; once crazy now less so, she gives a tour of the mind – how to use it, not lose it; and how to make sure that your workforce have the best chance of maintaining healthy minds. Ruby looks at how mental health can be a factor when under stress at work, and how to manage those who could be at greater risk. Ruby graduated from Oxford with a Masters in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (at a late stage) three years ago and has released a number of books on the subject, including her most recent work ‘A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled’.

    Messages with Impact

    Grab attention and get buy-in! Ever wondered how to win over your audience?

    Marcus Webb, Communication Specialist at Body Talk, will show you how to apply the same principles that script and screen writers use to hook people in and compel them to listen. Take away some simple tools to boost your communications in your everyday interactions.

    Science of Safety

    Rob Brill, Technical Manager for 3M’s Personal Safety Division discusses the 3M Science of Safety approach he is leading across Europe to improve PPE compliance in the workplace. Rob holds a NEBOSH Diploma and degree in Chemistry.

  • Hand-Arm Vibration

    Theo Simon, Technical Specialist at 3M answers questions such as: Are you using the right tool for the job? Can your process be streamlined, adapted or changed? Have you selected the most suitable abrasive? All of these considerations can help to reduce HAVS. This session will provide practical advice to help you manage Hand-Arm Vibration in the workplace.

    Fall Protection and Confined Space Access

    Falls from height kill more people than any other type of workplace accident. In 2015/16, they accounted for 26 per cent of the 144 such deaths in the UK, according to the Health and Safety Executive. Stephen Morris, Fall Protection technical specialist at 3M discusses the issues that face people who work at height or manage teams who work at height, and explains what to look for in personal fall protection equipment (PFPE).

    Interactive Session on Workplace Safety - 2 Mac's

    In a dramatic scenario, the content will focus on how people’s behaviour and some of the day to day demands of work can cloud our judgement in relation to safety. It will show how time/work pressures and low risk perceptions can lead to unsafe acts and ultimately injury. Engaging with and directing the characters, participants will explore a range of effective behavioural strategies for resolving difficult safety based issues. These strategies will demonstrate prevalent mind-sets regarding people’s perception of safety.

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