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A successful procedure starts with the right materials.

Every case deserves the same precision. Take all the working time you need with the 3M™ Impregum™ material which maintains its flowability for a long time.

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  • NEW 3M™ Impregum™ Super quick Polyether Impression material.

  • 3M™ Polyether Material - unmatched precision for the accuracy you demand.

  • 3M Self-Adhesive Resin Cement - convenience and trusted reliability.

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3M™ Impregum™ Penta™

Polyether Impression Material - to make better impressions.

  • 3M™ Impregum™ Penta™
    • 3M exclusive polyether impression materials use a unique chemistry where material is curing via catonic ring-opening polymerization which enables excellent dental reproduction in a wet environment, higher final rigidity after setting and excellent flowability, as well as a comfortably long working time. For higher precision of impression.

    • Long working time
      3M™ Impregum™ polyether material maintains its superior flowability throughout a very long working time. And, it starts setting when the working time ends - not a moment sooner. This makes it outstandingly forgiving with less opportunity for errors - delivering distortion-free impressions.

    • Excellent flow properties
      Material flows into the toughest spots to capture fine details for precise impressions.

    • Superior moisture tolerance
      3M™ Polyether Material ensures better initial hydrophilicity than any VPS - providing void-free impressions in moist conditions.

    • 3M™ Impregum™ polyether materials help get an accurate impression on the first take - reducing the need for costly adjustments, remakes and retakes.

    • Product Indications:

      • Precision impressions of inlay, onlay, veneer, crown and bridge preparations
      • Fixation and implant impressions
      • Edentulous impression
    • Because a great fitting restoration should never be a surprise.

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3M™ Impregum™ Super Quick Polyether Material

The fastest way to polyether precision for smaller cases.

  • Trusted precision. Quicker set.
    So fast, so good: With just two minutes setting time the new “Super Quick” material allows for faster impressions in less complex cases like single-unit crowns, implants, inlays/onlays and smaller bridges up to 3 units.

    Formulated for success.
    A true polyether with a brand new formulation that results in a superfast setting reaction and better taste.

    Make your patients feel comfortable.
    An improved fresh, minty taste together with a short time in the mouth significantly increases your patients‘ comfort.

    Polyether meets CAD/CAM workflow.
    Impregum Super Quick Material is scannable with the current generation of scanners for a more efficient cooperation with your lab.

    First superfast polyether with 45 sec. working time and quick 2-minute setting

    • Available in heavy, medium and light body consistencies
    • For monophase and 1-step impression techniques
    • Perfect for impressions for single-unit crowns, implants, inlays/onlays and smaller bridges up to 3 units

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3M™ RelyX™ U200

Self-Adhesive Resin Cement - all-around reliability

  • The world’s most clinically proven self-adhesive resin cement.
    3M™ RelyX™ U200 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement unique chemistry is a secret of a clinical success. The material is initially hydrophilic for direct bond to tooth structure and moinsture tolerance and becomes hydrophobic and completly neutralized after cure.
    This selfadhesive resin cement is the “go-to” solution for a wide range of procedures. With its dual-cure self-adhesive chemistry, 3M™ RelyX™ U200 cement delivers high adhesion, resistance to discoloration, long-term stability and more: saves time by eliminating etching, priming and bonding steps, ensures virtually no post-operative sensitivity and is moisture tolerant.

Clinical cases

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