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ACTISORB™ Silver 220 Activated Charcoal Dressing with Silver

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    ACTISORB™ SILVER 220 DRESSING is different from other charcoal dressings. It has a triple action that not only masks odour but also addresses its cause. Traps odour while protecting against infection.1*

    Traps odour while protecting against infection1*

    • Activated charcoal traps odour in the dressing1*
    • Activated charcoal bind bacteria and toxins that impair the healing process1*
    • Silver kills the bacteria in the dressing2*

    ACTISORB™ Silver 220 Dressing is an activated charcoal dressing with silver, enclosed in a non-adherent nylon sleeve.

    ACTISORB™Silver 220 Dressing traps odour while protecting against 150 microorganisms associated with wound infection.3*

    Through eliminating offensive odours ACTISORB™ Silver 220 Dressing may lead to an improvement in quality of life for both the patient and nursing personnel.4

    As wound fluids might accompany malodour, ACTISORB™ Silver 220 Dressing combined with an appropriate secondary dressing can help manage wound exudate and help maintain a moist wound healing environment.5

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    *As demonstrated in vitro

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