3D Printing with PTFE

Tech Check: Is your part a good fit for 3D printing with PTFE?

The advantages of 3D printing are attractive, but not every part is a good candidate for additive manufacturing. This technology is ideal for small parts with complex geometries or miniaturized features. If this describes your part, then our 3D printing service may be an excellent fit for your application. You provide the inspiration and specifications; we’ll print the parts based on your CAD files.

The following brief questions are meant to give you an idea of whether leveraging our 3D printed PTFE part service would be feasible for your application. Based on your answers, we'll give you recommendations for next steps, including further discussion with a 3M expert.

Note: 3M does not sell 3D printers or 3D printing-ready PTFE.

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      PTFE is known for its near universal chemical resistance.

      Question 1 of 6: What kind of fluids could this part see in service?

      Will not come into contact with any chemicals, it is a benign application
      Will come into contact with common chemicals that are near pH neutral, such as detergents
      Could come into contact with harsh chemicals, either very acidic or very basic in nature

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